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How a simple letter helps Talent shine

Meet Talent: an 11-year-old girl from Zimbabwe whose name rings true. Though Talent lives in a rural and remote area of the country, where resources are limited, she’s enjoying the many benefits that come with being a sponsored child – like access to a quality education.

Talent smiles in class

Meet Talent

Currently, Talent attends classes at a local Plan International-supported primary school, where she is in the 5th grade. Plan International helped build new facilities at her school like water taps, enabling Talent and her peers to utilize clean drinking water and proper sanitation throughout the day.

“At school I like reading, writing and playing sports,” she shares, with pride.

It isn’t only at school that her love of reading and writing is being put to good use: she also has the chance to practice her communication skills through letter-writing with her Plan International sponsor.

“I like getting letters from my sponsor,” beams Talent, “I read, and it makes me happy.”

A special delivery

When you sponsor a child you improve the life of the child and those around them by supporting community projects in areas like health, education and livelihood, making crucial resources accessible. But a simple letter can also have a powerful effect.

Your thoughtful words can create lasting, positive impact by uplifting, inspiring and encouraging your sponsored child, showing that you care for their wellbeing, despite miles of separation.

Family of three inspect a letter as a Plan International volunteer looks on.

Talent receives a letter from a Plan International volunteer.

That’s why we make it easy for you to contact your sponsored child, by offering:

  • The option to send a letter by mail or online through MyPlan
  • Pre-made e-cards you can send through MyPlan for various occasions
  • Helpful tips on what to write to your sponsored child
  • Letter translation
  • Hand-delivery of all letters.
Talent and her parents smile and embrace.

Talent and her parents are joyful and grateful for all they have today, and hopeful for what tomorrow holds.

Signed, sealed, delivered: Hope

Talent is brimming with potential and eager to keep learning and developing her skills, and, thanks to the support of her generous child sponsor and encouraging parents, she can. And though she is excited at the prospect of her next letter, for now, Talent has just one special message she’d like to send: “Thank you to my sponsor in Canada.”

You can send your letter to Plan International Canada by email at or mail it to:

Plan International Canada
245 Eglinton Ave East, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 0B3.

Remember to include your Sponsor Number and Sponsored Child Number on the letter.

If you sign up for MyPlan, you can write to your sponsored child using our online tool, or even send personal e-cards.