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From sponsored child to agricultural expert: Ronald's story of success 

Ronald (centre) with his brother Alfred, 13 (left), inside his piggery in Uganda

As a young sponsored child in Uganda, Ronald received a photo from his sponsor, but never could have guessed the incredible way it would shape the course of his life. One of the images showcased the sponsor’s local surrounding environment. Here, a curious farm animal stood out to Ronald, captivating his imagination and inspiring him in an unexpectedly powerful way.

“I remember this long white pig. I really loved it and I promised myself that when I grew up, I would set up a piggery of my own – and I did it!”

Now 25, Ronald has turned that childhood dream into a reality, thanks to the support of his child sponsor.

“Child sponsorship kept me in school and allowed me to achieve my dreams,” he shares.

See how Ronald pursued his own pig farm start-up:


Growing up, times had been hard for Ronald and his four younger brothers and sisters. With little family income, he wasn’t able to go to school and they often went without critical resources, like food, clean water or supplies.

But when Ronald became a part of the Child Sponsorship program, he was able to take part in learning everything from good hygiene practices to his rights as a child.

A new toilet block and water tank were installed in the local school and hygiene improved alongside a better learning environment. Materials like books, pens and mosquito nets were distributed and more children like Ronald had the chance to stay healthy and in school.

A new cycle of change

Ronald has come a long way since those days of dreaming in his childhood home, and now – years later – his success is also helping those around him succeed.

Today, his flourishing farm has 25 pigs – one for every year of his life – and the income they help generate has enabled him to support his siblings’ education as well as the necessities they need at home!

Ronald and his brother Alfred, 13, who is thrilled to be in school and one day also grow his own booming business.


“The pigs multiplied. They’ve changed my life and the lives of my family,” he explains with a smile. “My brothers and sisters are all in school, just from that connection with my sponsor.”

Additionally, Ronald is currently studying for a degree in Development Studies, hoping to help other youth in his community access what they need to improve their opportunities and lives – just as he had through sponsorship.

“The generosity of my former sponsor has caused lasting improvements in my life, family and the entire community.” Ronald says. “Every child deserves a chance.”

The shared power of child sponsorship

Our incredible child sponsors not only encourage children with their letter-writing correspondence and support, they also help fund sustainable, community-based development projects, from building schools and training teachers to digging wells and providing invaluable livelihood opportunities.

Plus, sponsored children and their families are always involved in planning, creating and making decisions about these programs, helping ensure they can have a lasting impact, and giving youth like Ronald the chance to learn new life skills they can take with them in the future.


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