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Former sponsored child becomes author and activist

How important is education? Just ask Jerry. As a young boy, Jerry grew up living in a Ugandan slum with his 2 sisters and his widowed mother. Though he lived a happy childhood, there were few opportunities for Jerry to flourish.

Jerry holding a copy of his latest book.

Jerry’s new book, African Girl, tells the story of an empowered girl who achieves her dreams. Jerry’s new book, African Girl, tells the story of an empowered girl who achieves her dreams.

But it was through child sponsorship with Plan that Jerry’s life took a sharp turn in the right direction. Immediately, the connection he made with his sponsor had him dreaming big. And through sponsorship, Jerry received an education – one that inspired him to achieve his goals and encourage children in Uganda to do the same.

Flash forward to today

Today, at just 22 years old, Jerry has penned 6 books showcasing his passion for storytelling and poetry. And if you ask him, Jerry credits his success to the support he received through Child Sponsorship.

“Without Plan Uganda, I would not have been educated or even connected to a sponsor, and would not be able to do what I am doing now,” explained Jerry.

In the past year, Jerry launched his newest novel titled, African Girl. The story tells the tale of an empowered girl who overcomes adversity to reach her dream of becoming a singer. Jerry sees the book as an opportunity to raise awareness for Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative, and help garner support for gender equality across the country.

An activist and ambassador with a lot to say

As an acclaimed author, Jerry is using his platform to inspire Ugandan children to achieve their dreams, because he knows all too well that if you put your mind towards something, it can happen.

Jerry continues to work with Plan, too. He’s played an instrumental role in founding Plan Uganda’s new Child Sponsorship Alumni Association – a group that helps provide opportunities for former sponsored children in Uganda. Jerry helps graduates meet and network with potential employers and offers his mentorship to current sponsored children looking to kick-start their careers.

Jerry is one of Plan’s ultimate ambassadors. He’s a prime example of the impact Child Sponsorship can have on children around the world. He inspires those around him every day, and he inspires us!

You can help change the life of a child just like Jerry through Child Sponsorship.