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In Solidarity against Anti-Black Racism

June 2, 2020

Plan International Canada stands in solidarity with the Black community – many of whom are our colleagues, friends, family and neighbours – and we commit to learning how to be active allies in the fight against anti-Black racism here in Canada and around the world.

The heartbreaking events of the past few weeks have again highlighted the prevalent systemic anti-Black racism and the human rights violations that members of the Black community continue to face every single day. The mistreatment of Black people around the world represents a failure of our collective humanity and now is the time for urgent attention and action.

The human rights of everyone, everywhere are at the heart of Plan International Canada’s work. But we recognize that to dismantle oppressive systems we must do more than we ever have before.

We recognize that our solidarity is not enough, we must take tangible actions. It’s time to unpack our privilege and all forms of racism, time to learn and listen, have uncomfortable conversations with ourselves, our staff, our family and beyond and it’s time to commit to making this world safer and equitable for Black people while addressing the root causes of all forms of racism and inequality.

Guided by values of inclusivity, diversity, openness and accountability, we are committed to learning and understanding how we can best support the Black community. We are committing in this historic moment to tackle all forms of racial inequality here and around the world. This work is not easy, but we are committed to doing it because we recognize the role we play in making our world a better, safer, more equitable place for everyone, especially Black people.

We may misstep and fall short, but we will always remain open to learning. The advancement of human rights are at the core of everything we do, and to achieve our goal of a more just and equal world, we must continue to work to do better. We owe that to the children and communities where we live, work and serve.