An adventure to Nepal and memories to last forever

Dr. Wotton (right) stands between his sponsored child Sujita and her younger brother in Nepal.

Dr. Wotton (right) meets his sponsored child Sujita, her family, relatives and her younger brother in Nepal.

As a podiatrist based in Canmore, Alberta, Dr. Wotton has been caring for people throughout his entire career. As a professional, he’s helped thousands of Canadians back on their feet, but over the last few years, Dr. Wotton began lending his support outside of Canada, too.

He began sponsoring a young girl through Plan Canada named Sujita from Nepal. They exchanged letters and he received updates from Plan, learning how his child sponsorship was impacting Sujita and her community. Not long after, Dr. Wotton planned a trip to visit Sujita in Nepal.

From Calgary, Alberta to the Himalayas

Dr. Wotton left the comforts of home and began his long journey to Nepal. He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, so when he arrived in the mountainous city of Kathmandu, he knew his trip to Sujita’s small village would be an adventure.

“The winding dirt roads zigzagged up and down the mountains, and then back up the side of another mountain, all the way back down,” he explained. “It was actually terrifying!”

After hours of travel, Plan staff accompanied Dr. Wotton to Sujita’s village where he finally met his sponsored child.

“It was fascinating. She was a little bit over-awed at first and obviously very shy,” he explained. “But you could tell that the whole village had pulled their resources together to prepare for our visit, which was very welcoming.”

A visit full of new experiences and perspective

On his visit, Dr. Wotton saw the main school, which was 1.5 hours away. Young children like Sujita were not old enough to travel that far alone and on foot, so they stayed home. But Plan was in the process of building a local school in Sujita’s village. He saw the construction site and met with one of the teachers who was eager to start her new job.

Though the trip to visit Sujita and her village was an incredible experience, it left Dr. Wotton feeling like he wanted to do more. So when he returned home to Canada, that’s exactly what he did.

“I sponsored another 4 girls in the same region as Sujita,” he said. “One of the things that really struck me while I was there was the way women were treated. But it was all the more reason to sponsor these girls and give them a better chance at life.”

Leaving his mark in Nepal

Sujita and her brother stand with their arms around one another in Nepal.

Sujita and her brother wear the new t-shirts given to them by Dr. Wotton in Nepal.

Dr. Wotton’s child sponsorship will help these 5 girls reach their full potential. But it’s also helped him realize the impact his donation has had on the entire community. After witnessing this impact in Nepal, Dr. Wotton established an endowment in his will with Plan Canada. The purpose of the endowment is to continue his sponsorship in Nepal, and neighbouring countries.

“I’ve never had the pleasure of having my own kids or my own grandchildren,” Dr. Wotton explained. “So I made the endowment because I wanted to continue to support these 5 girls and others like them, long after I’m gone.”

Dr. Wotton’s support will help families flourish, businesses thrive, and children receive the education they deserve. But still, his work is not complete. Dr. Wotton is planning another visit to meet the rest of his sponsored girls and to see how the community has changed.

“When the time comes I can go back and visit them all at once,” he explained.