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A clean start

A clean start

Many young women in Ghana have limited access to resources and face difficulties breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Habibata, for example, is a young woman in rural Ghana who grew up in a poor household that relied on subsistence farming, and dropped out of school in her teens. She’s one of 300 people who received skills training and start-up business kits this year through a program called Promoting African Grassroots Economic Security (PAGES), which helps young women to launch income-generating activities. Habibata finished her soap-making training and began a business with her mother. She and the other trainees now have greater financial security and increased access to economic resources and opportunities. In fact, Habibata hopes to become the best, large-scale producer of soap in the area.

This project receives financial support from the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD).