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5 ways Child Sponsorship protects children

Here at Plan, child protection is fundamental to our work. When we say child protection, we mean keeping children safe from all forms of violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Here’s why that matters.

Children in developing countries can be more vulnerable to child labour, early marriage, child trafficking, female genital mutilation (FGM), abuse or abandonment. The facts are sobering:

  • Worldwide, there are 168 million children involved in child labour
  • Every year, 15 million girls are forced into early marriage
  • 1.2 million children are trafficked every year
  • More than 125 million girls and women have undergone FGM – likely between infancy and age 15.
Young girl standing in doorway

Through Child Sponsorship, Kailane’s parents are receiving nutrition training so they can keep their daughter healthy and strong.

How your sponsorship is protecting children

One of the ways you can help change these statistics is by sponsoring a child. That’s because our work to promote children’s rights is embedded in every aspect of our Child Sponsorship program. When you sponsor a child with Plan, you’re changing the world of one child forever by helping to protect them from potential harm, and providing them with the opportunities to reach their full potential.

Support from Canadian sponsors has a tremendous impact on the lives of children and their communities around the globe. Through your support, we can help ensure children receive access to essential services that help them thrive and keep them far from danger. Through Child Sponsorship, Plan helps children:

Access their right to an education. Every additional year of education improves a child’s future livelihood and health
Ensure their birth is officially registered. Birth certificates, give children a personal identity and access to social services like health care and education. They also help protect children from violence and neglect.
Obtain adequate nutrition and healthcare, to protecting children and their families from malnutrition, disease and illness so children can lead healthy, productive lives.
Have their voices heard at school, at home and in their community through our child-centred programs that promote the rights of children and youth
Receive vital protection during an emergency Plan helps children access psycho-social support and child-friendly centres, giving them a safe space to be kids in the face of disaster.
A young girl at her desk in class

Eudel, 8, from Zimbabwe, now has access to quality education thanks to Child Sponsorship.

Keeping children at the heart of what we do

Through Child Sponsorship, you can help children access their fundamental right to protection, by providing a child the opportunity to thrive in a safe and supportive environment. It’s just that simple, and it starts with you!