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Starting 2016 off with a mission to #EndChildLabour
3 boys stand in front of a school notice board

January 26, 2016 – See how a grade 6 class from Toronto is teaming up with Plan Canada to help end child labour in Mali by providing children with the opportunity to go to school.  Read more >>

Results in action: See what happens when men stand up for women’s health
A man listening to the sound of his baby's heart beat

January 22, 2015 – See firsthand how we’re getting results by working with men and local leaders to change commonly held attitudes surrounding the health and well-being of expectant women.  Read more >>

4 reasons why girls are getting married as children
A young girl wearing a yellow sari

January 15, 2016 – All over the world, girls are forced into marriage as children. It’s a widespread practice and one that’s keeping girls from reaching their full potential. So why is it happening? Here are 4 reasons girls are getting married as children.  Read more >>

5 ways Child Sponsorship protects children
A young girl standing in the doorway of her home

January 12, 2016 – When you sponsor a child with Plan, you’re giving them access to crucial life-saving programs that support children and protect them from harmful practices.  Read more >>

Thanks to you, the lives of millions have been changed
4 girls making heart signs with their hands

January 4, 2016 – In 2015, thanks to your incredible support, we’ve been able to help millions of children and families in the 52 countries where we work. See how your contributions are changing the lives of so many.  Read more >>

A Canadian mom helping moms in Nigeria
A mother with her two young children

December 21, 2015 – Find out how one Canadian mother’s journey to support pregnant mothers and infants in Nigeria is empowering Canadians to make a difference in the lives of others.  Read more >>

Count the ways child sponsorship has supported Ndoumbe!
A mother cradles her baby

December 14, 2015 – When Plan began working in Ndoumbe’s village in Senegal, life began changing immediately. Today, men, women and children like Ndoumbe are feeling the impact every single day.  Read more >>

Bringing hope to Honduras: When young people do BIG things
A mother cradles her baby

December 8, 2015 – Meet this super parent Carrie and the students of C.R. Gummow Public School and see how they rallied together to help build a school for children in Honduras.  Read more >>

In the face of crisis, we all see someone we love
A father holds his daughter while walking in field

December 4, 2015 – In the face of a global refugee crisis, children, women, men, husbands and wives, grandparents and youth – millions are impacted, making it hard for the world to turn a blind eye. Find out how Plan is working to support Syrian refugees across the globe.  Read more >>

GivingTuesday: Supporting BIG change and giving back
matched giving infographic

November 27, 2015 – GivingTuesday is a day devoted to giving back during the busy holiday season, and to help you find the right gift, we’ve highlighted our top matched gifts that make your donation go further and support great change around the world.  Read more >>

10 reasons to love your toilet
A girl exiting a latrine

November 18, 2015 – Toilets and latrines are critical in stopping the spread of illness and disease. But 2.4 billion people lack access to improved sanitation. This World Toilet Day, take a minute to realize how important your toilet really is.  Read more >>

Team up with Jenn Heil and help prevent bullying in schools
Jenn Heil with two young girls

November 13, 2015 – Bullying affects millions of children here at home and around the world. By purchasing Plan’s new Gift of Hope, the anti-bullying project, you can help create safer schools and communities in Kenya.  Read more >>

How Child Sponsorship changed Ruth's life
A sponsored child and her family

November 11, 2015 – Meet 11 year-old Ruth from rural Rwanda. See how Child Sponsorship has changed her life, her family’s life and the lives of those in her community.  Read more >>

New Gifts of Hope, same life-changing results
A young girl eats a hot meal of food

November 9, 2015 – This year, our online Gifts of Hope store is packed with new gifts that provide life-changing impact for children and families in developing countries. Check them out!  Read more >>

Alberto the master tailor
A young man in front of his sewing machine

November 4, 2015 – Meet Alberto and find out how Plan is helping him achieve his career goals to prevent him from becoming one of the millions of youth around the globe stuck in the youth economic crisis.  Read more >>

Reaching pregnant women and babies in Nepal
A mother cradles her baby

October 28, 2015 – Since the two mega earthquakes in the spring of 2015, thousands of community health volunteers in Nepal have been providing pregnant women and their newborns with the life-saving support they need to thrive.  Read more >>

The Nepal earthquake: 6 months later
Girl learning in temporary classroom.

October 25, 2015 – It’s been 6 months since the catastrophic earthquakes struck Nepal. Find out how Plan is working to strengthen and improve the lives of children, families and communities affected by the disaster.  Read more >>

Former child sponsor becomes author and activist
child sponsor holds his book.

October 19, 2015 – As a sponsored child with Plan, Jerry never imagined the success his life would bring. Today he’s an author, activist and ambassador. See how child sponsorship inspired his journey.  Read more >>

Nutrition training for parents in Mozambique
Young girl eating an orange.

October 16, 2015 – Find out how parents are teaming up with Plan to fight the soaring levels of child malnutrition in Mozambique, and see the success firsthand!  Read more >>

Teen pregnancy and sexual violence soars in Nicaragua
Group of pregnant women gather at meeting.

October 14, 2015 – Rates of teen pregnancy and sexual violence are soaring across remote communities in Nicaragua. See how Plan is working with youth and local authorities to help solve the problem.  Read more >>

Pledge your support for girls' rights
Girl working at her desk in class.

October 6, 2015 – Ahead of International Day of the Girl celebrations, we’re reflecting on the importance of girls’ rights and why the girl issue matters to our work and to Canadians. Also, find out what YOU can do to support girls’ rights!  Read more >>

How Canadians can help set the SDGs in motion
Group of youth standing against a wall.

September 30, 2015 – Through our research, we discovered that the Sustainable Development Goals mean a lot to you. Adopting these global goals will help improve our work with children and families, too. Learn how you can help ensure the SDGs are officially adopted by the UN.  Read more >>

A School on Wheels educating children in Mumbai, India
Children exiting school bus.

September 24, 2015 – [VIDEO] - Watch as this mobile School on Wheels is bringing the classroom to children living in the slums of Mumbai, India, giving them the opportunity to access the education they have a right to.  Read more >>

New school gardens in Mali
Children in the school garden.

September 18, 2015 – Thanks to this abundant school garden in Barouéli, Mali, students are learning every day with a full stomach, and daily attendance rates are through the roof.  Read more >>

Former child sponsor turned digital entrepreneur!
Former sponsored child smiles

September 16, 2015 – See how a former sponsored child from Bangladesh is using his unique skills to educate his own students and help thousands of people gain access to their rights.  Read more >>

Helping Canadian youth reach big heights
Canadian girls holding pictures

September 14, 2015 – Find out how Plan Canada is engaging youth from across the country to make positive change in their schools and communities, and for children around the world.  Read more >>

The Syrian refugee crisis: Finding millions a safe place to call home
Syrian refugees receiving support

September 8, 2015 – Plan Canada is urging the global community to take urgent, collective and decisive action to address all forced migration and the underlying causes driving these desperate journeys.  Read more >>

Plan Canada calls for urgent action to help the world’s 30 million refugee children
Syrian refugee girl crying

September 4, 2015 – Plan Canada is urging the global community to take urgent, collective and decisive action to address all forced migration and the underlying causes driving these desperate journeys.  Read more >>

How soccer empowers girls on and off the field in Togo
Girl talking into microphones

August 28, 2015 – Meet Aziza and see how soccer’s empowering girls to reach their full potential, and challenging gender stereotypes in communities across Togo.  Read more >>

Our goals. Our future.
two children arm in arm

August 25, 2015 – Find out how the Sustainable Development Goals can lift billions of people out of poverty and transform the world by 2030.  Read more >>

Empowering children with disabilities in the classroom
Boy smiling in Kenya

August 22, 2015 – See how Plan is breaking down barriers inside the classroom for children with disabilities, ensuring they receive the education they deserve.  Read more >>

Turning the page and writing one’s own story
Girls holding their diplomas

August 20, 2015 – See how Plan is helping more marginalized women and girls across Egypt learn to read and write, and find out how literacy is helping them become authors of their own lives.  Read more >>

How a simple letter helps Talent shine
Talent smiles in class.

August 10, 2015 – VIDEO: Follow a Canadian sponsor's letter as it travels to their sponsored child in Zimbabwe and see how words can change lives.  Read more >>

More than just a game: The power of sports
Children put their hands in and gather around a soccer ball.

July 9, 2015 – Can sports really help change the world? With excitement about the Pan Am Games building, we’re exploring sports as a powerful tool for change benefitting children worldwide.  Read more >>

Laying the groundwork for change: early education in rural Rwanda
A young boy excitedly participates in class.

July 3, 2015 – VIDEO: School may be out for the summer in Canada, but children in rural Rwanda are excited to be getting an early start on their education!  Read more >>

A labour of love: The perilous journey to give birth
From left: Yeulca, 30, Patricia, 23, Princess, 28 sit in a maternity ward in Zimbabwe.

June 22, 2015 – Childbirth is challenging, but for women in rural areas of the developing world it can be a struggle to even reach a clinic to give birth. Learn how Plan is making healthcare more accessible:  Read more >>

3 Colombian women kick-starting community businesses
Marleidys displays her cooking.

June 15, 2015 – Meet 3 empowered women taking matters into their own hands by running businesses and creating brighter futures.  Read more >>

Letters lead to the trip of a lifetime in Ecuador
Lise with her sponsored child Roger, 17, and his sisters, Julexi and Dayana.

June 12, 2015 – Plan Canada donor, Lise, travelled to Ecuador with a special purpose: To meet her sponsored child Roger, 17. Learn why she returned even more inspired. Read more >>

A new generation of change: Announcing the 2015 Top 20 under 20™
The 2015 Top 20 Under 20™ award recipients.

June 8, 2015 – We can’t wait for you to meet a new force of young leaders driving meaningful local and global change! Introducing this year’s Top 20 under 20™:  Read more >>

Two friends, 1 mission: Coming together in support of Nepal
Mattias and Chris on Everest hike.

June 3, 2015 – Whether on the ground with Plan Nepal or working with TELUS in Canada, these 2 friends have a common goal: supporting those affected by Nepal’s quakes. Read more >>

Closing in on malaria: Youth Spread the Net around the globe
3 girls from Zimbabwe with a malaria awareness sign.

June 2, 2015 – There’s a promising buzz flying around the world thanks to students: they’re spreading the word on stopping malaria-spreading mosquitoes! See how.  Read more >>

The invisible scars of disaster: helping Nepal’s children heal
The invisible scars of disaster: helping Nepal’s children heal

May 22, 2015 – Since April 25, huge earthquakes and aftershocks have hit Nepal – causing both physical and psychological damage. Here’s how we’re helping children heal:  Read more >>

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