We strive for a just world that advances
children’s rights and equality for girls

Advancing children’s rights
and equality for girls


Stop the clock. Stop the Setback.

COVID-19 continues to unravel decades of hard-fought progress for girls’ rights – and the longer they go without support, the worse it gets. Confinement to their homes, removal from education, disruption of social and protective networks, combined with decreased access to services, is setting back the progress of millions of girls in crisis.

Every single minute, more are forced to quit school, to become child brides, to endure violence, to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM), or to have children while they are still children themselves. Help us stop the clock and Stop the Setback for girls, before it’s too late. You can help girls access the supports they need take back control of their lives, go back to school, live free from violence and decide their own futures.

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Test your knowledge on the impacts of COVID-19 and the barriers girls face.

1 How many additional child marriages could take place between 2020 and 2030 due to COVID?
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2 COVID-19 has caused disruptions in programs preventing female genital mutilation (FGM). This could cause approximately how many additional cases of FGM by 2030?
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3 Approximately how many women could lose access to contraception due to COVID-19?
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About Plan International

Plan International Canada is a member of a global organization dedicated to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls. Plan International has been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years and is now active in more than 75 countries.

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