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Use your power to power change for girls

Every day, millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights – simply because they’re girls. Because I am a Girl is Plan International’s global initiative that is challenging social norms to advance girls’ rights and help them unleash their potential, within a more just and equal world.

Your generous monthly contributions will be BIAAG by our funding partners – meaning your support will reach 4X more girls around the world, for 4X the impact.

To gain equal rights, girls need allies like you

Click on the barrier’s girls face below to see the solutions you can be a part of:


Meet the Members of Team Girl

  • Young pregnant girl
    Acts of violence are common in my community. Being part of Plan Internationals project has made me realize that

    women are just as strong as men

    and life doesn’t have to be like this. This, along with seeing people suffer from violence, is the reason I became an agent of change.
    Yuma, 15, Nicaragua 
  • It is necessary to break the silence for the millions of silences still waiting to be broken. This is exactly why I was inspired to join forces as a Celebrated Ambassador – to spread awareness for the work Plan International Canada does to

    help end child marriage and challenge gender norm.

    Samra Zafar, Author, Speaker and Advocate
  • I chose to support the Because I am a Girl project because I believe when women and girls are supported and empowered, through education and entrepreneurship,

    communities can thrive.

    Supporting girls benefits everyone.
    Melanie Scott, Because I am a Girl monthly supporter

See your monthly support drive real change through projects like:


  • Establishing girls’ rights clubs in Vietnam where girls learn from role models about their inherent power and the importance of education, and engaging community members to end harmful pratices, empowering girls to stay in school and out of early marriages.

  • Kick-starting young women’s entrepreneurial initiatives in Colombia, training girls in vocational, management and financial literacy skills, earning and saving money for their futures.

  • Enrolling girls in school and training teachers in Uganda as gender equality advocates, making for protective learning environments where girls’ voices are shared and heard.



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