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Use your power to power change for girls

Every day, millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights – simply because they're girls. When you support the Because I am a Girl project, you join a growing movement of fellow Canadians who are committed to protecting and promoting girls’ rights everywhere.

Your generous monthly contributions will be 4x matched by our funding partners – meaning your support will reach 4X more girls around the world, for 4X the impact.

To gain equal rights, girls need allies like you

Click on the barriers girls face to learn how you can make an impact.


See your monthly support drive real change through projects like:

girl holding megahone


  • Empowering girls in the Philippines to complete their education and decide their own futures by enabling them to lead, learn, work and harness their sexual and reproductive rights, while engaging all levels of the community as change-makers against gender inequality and gender-based violence.

  • Kick-starting young women’s entrepreneurial initiatives in Colombia, training girls in vocational, management and financial literacy skills, earning and saving money for their futures.

  • Enrolling girls in school and training teachers in Uganda as gender equality advocates, making for protective learning environments where girls’ voices are shared and heard.


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