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Sponsor the Kita, Mali Community

3 children in Mali walking to school

Join the families of Kita on a journey of hope

Kita, in western Mali, is a very poor community where life for children is a daily struggle. But with Community Sponsorship, you can help the children and families of Kita create a healthy, secure, self-sustaining community.

For about $1 a day, just $39 a month, you can transform the community of Kita. Your donation is tax-deductible as a charitable gift.

Matched gifts icon Your generous contribution will be matched 3x by our funding partner for even greater impact.*

Sponsor Now

Your support is urgently needed to:

  • Provide access to early education and improve the quality of primary education to open up the future for thousands of children in Kita
  • Improve the quality of maternal health care to help prevent and treat childhood illnesses, encourage safe deliveries of babies and provide emergency obstetric care
  • Provide children with access to clean water, proper sanitation and adequate food to keep them healthy.

With your support, we will work with the people of Kita to develop sustainable, community-led programs that will significantly improve the quality of life for children and their families.

Sponsor Now

Modibo Camara with family in Mali

What you will receive

As a community sponsor, you’ll be able to see real progress over time as you follow the children and families in Kita through a journey out of poverty.

You will receive:

  • A welcome package in the mail in connecting you to the Kita community
  • Quarterly email updates where you can meet the families, view photos of the community and, read stories of the changes happening in Kita, thanks to your support

Sponsor Now

Children standing in a line in the Kita, Mali community

The children in Kita, Mali need your help

  • Only 40% of children complete grade 5
  • Maternal and child mortality rates are among the highest in the world
  • Over 40% of the population has no access to water, sanitation or hygiene services
  • 74% of pregnant mothers and 82% of children under 5 are anemic

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Two children in a crowd in Mali

Your impact

In just a few years, generous community sponsors have helped:

  • Build or upgrade over 25 schools or education centres, giving children a chance at a brighter future
  • Provide over 800 animals to families in Vietnam to help diversify their livelihoods and boost income
  • Provide an entire community in Ghana with year-round, clean drinking water
  • Enable more than 2,000 women to access financial services, literacy and training in Ethiopia
  • Deliver 7 school boats, helping children – particularly girls – in Bangladesh safely commute to school

Sponsor Now

Still have questions? Let us help!

  • How is sponsoring a community different from sponsoring a child?

  • Will I be receiving a picture of one child?

  • Does my sponsorship benefit all the children in the community, or only some?

  • If I sponsor a community, how long a commitment am I expected to make?

  • What kind of correspondence will I be getting from the community?

  • Why do you need my email address?

  • Can I visit the community?

About Plan International

About Plan

Plan International is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries.


Where Your Money Goes

80.5% of donations go to support programs benefiting children and families

Where Your Money Goes

Learn how your contributions have helped change the lives of children and families in developing countries.