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Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau provides a platform for young people across Canada who are passionate about advancing gender equality and girls rights. Youth of all genders, ages 14-24 are welcome to join the Speakers Bureau.

By joining the Speakers Bureau, young people will enhance their skills in public speaking, working with media specialists, and building their knowledge base on how gender intersects with global and social justice issues. They also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people that will empower them to speak out about gender equality and girls’ rights, and inspire positive change.

The Speakers Bureau meets monthly in person at the Plan International Canada office in Toronto, or virtually for members who are outside of Toronto. In each two hour workshop, members learn more about gender inequality issues, develop presentation skills and take collective action to raise awareness.

In addition to its National location based in Toronto, the Speakers Bureau will be expanding to 6 Hub locations across Canada in 2018-2019. Young people who have been trained by the Plan International team organize and lead their own Speakers Bureau in their local community and engage peers in becoming advocates for change. Each Hub location is supported remotely by the Plan International Canada team, and are also able to attend Toronto meetings through online platforms.

Applications for the 2019–2020 Speakers Bureau are now open.

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Past opportunities

  • International Day of the Girl: Young women stepped into seats of power (including those of government ministers, CEOs, and the Canadian Ambassador to the UN) as part of our #GirlsBelongHere initiative.
  • International Assistance Review Consultations: Participated in consultations with the Government of Canada and leading NGOs to advise on international development priorities.
  • Girls Empowerment Forum: Partaking in the Girls Empowerment Forum with gender equality champions including Mme. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Ms. Rosey Edeh and Plan International Canada President & CEO Caroline Riseboro.
  • Storytellers Symposium: Present to peers and Plan International staff members at the annual Storytellers Symposium.
  • Public Speaking Engagements: Presenting on behalf of Plan International Canada at school and community events.

All students, between the age of 14 and 22 years old, are welcome to join us in driving positive change for gender equality.

This is what you can expect by joining the Speakers Bureau:

  • There are 7 workshops held throughout the year
  • Training is provided in public speaking, fundraising, media and advocacy
  • Connect with like-minded peers who are passionate about girls’ rights, social justice and gender equality
  • Learn more about girls' rights, international development, and global issues
  • It’s free to join; we ask members to reach out to their community to present on behalf Plan International Canada about the Because I am a Girl movement

As part of the Speakers Bureau, you will be involved in an international effort to change the lives of girls around the world. You will gain communication, teamwork, and leadership skills and have the opportunity to speak at events on behalf of Plan International Canada.

It's important to note that members of the Speakers Bureau are largely responsible for arranging their own speaking opportunities in their communities with support and materials from Plan International Canada.