Skills training

Millions of people don’t have opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to secure a livelihood. Plan's training programs help fill that gap, empowering thousands of people with skills for life.

In 2007, Plan worked with communities and partners to train more than 100,000 farmers in sustainable farming techniques and provided vocational and business training for almost 49,000 people globally.

Farm focus

Plan’s agriculture and natural resource management work helps communities in a variety of ways, from providing training in farming techniques to environmental education.

We also actively advocate with community groups and national organizations for new government initiatives or policy changes required to achieve sustainable improvements.

For example, in the northern district of Bangladesh, poor agricultural technology, a lack of crop diversification and few other opportunities to earn an income used to combine to create an annual four-month “hungry season.” Although farmers in this region produced enough rice to feed their families and sell in the market for most of the year, in these four months children simply went hungry.

Only five per cent of people in Bangladesh owned land, so most farmers work for land-holding farmers, not for themselves. The local government had no policies in place to support the landless farmers.

Plan worked with local community groups and other national organizations to push for policy change to address this issue. This advocacy succeeded in making the government take action to address food insecurity in the region by creating a strategy to address food insecurity in the region. The plan included food aid, food-for-work programs, and new land on which to grow food during the months when existing fields produce very little.


Case study

Armed with the skills to succeed in Burkina Faso
Armed with the skills to succeed in Burkina Faso

Youth make up almost half the population of Burkina Faso. It’s Plan Canada’s priority to provide them with the relevant job skills and training to create a brighter, economically sound future for everyone. Learn more!