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Impact of advancing gender equality on health of women and girls

The goal of our Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women and Children (SHOW) project, as the name implies, was to improve the health of women, girls and their children. Through our work we contributed to this goal by advancing gender equality. The impact of this project has been transformational for communities and we take pride in the fact that the changes are sustainable and create new possibilities for future generations.

Advancing gender equality helps breakdown the barriers that women and girls face when they try to access information and services related to their sexual and reproductive health and rights. It changes the unequal power dynamics that hold women and girls back from seeking care and making informed decisions about their health and their bodies.

Explore this six-part multimedia series by scrolling through the content below to learn more about the impact this project had on communities and the lives of adolescents, men, women and health workers that live in them. This gender transformative* Gender transformative projects have an explicit rights-based intention to transform unequal gender power relations which are often at the heart of many disadvantages faced by women and girls; the focus goes beyond improving the condition of women and girls to improve their social position. Gender transformative projects address the root causes of gender inequality and promote the value of women and girls   health project has moved the needle on gender equality through education, training, safe spaces, empowerment and has pivoted to support women and girls during an unprecedented pandemic like COVID-19.

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