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Improving women’s health by addressing gender roles

Around the world, women are often the ones who bear the responsibility of childcare and household chores. This reality is often present in the communities where we work because of traditional gender roles and deep-rooted gender norms. Men and women in these communities do not consider it the husband’s responsibility to be informed about or take an active role in the health of their wife or children.

Through our Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women and Children (SHOW) project, we’re working with men to shift stereotypical gender roles that cause an unequal burden of care work on women and girls resulting in their poor health. However, engaging men in more equitable relationships with women is not an easy task. Men need to be motivated to change entrenched patriarchal attitudes and behaviours. They may also face social stigma and ridicule from other men in their community for trying to demonstrate positive masculinities by sharing household chores and childcare responsibilities and advancing gender equality.

Explore this six-part multimedia series by scrolling through the content below to learn more about how this gender transformative* Gender transformative projects have an explicit rights-based intention to transform unequal gender power relations which are often at the heart of many disadvantages faced by women and girls; the focus goes beyond improving the condition of women and girls to improve their social position. Gender transformative projects address the root causes of gender inequality and promote the value of women and girls   health project is helping men defy gender roles and see the benefits of gender equality. By inspiring men to be more engaged and involved in the health of their families, this project is helping women and girls live healthier lives.

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