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Canadians endorsed improving access to health services

Through our #ChangetheBirthStory campaign, people all around Canada were engaged and inspired to raise awareness about the importance of improving access to sexual and reproductive health services for women and girls around the world.

We shared powerful stories of change, from youth helping reduce rates of teen pregnancy in their community to how advancing gender equality is improving access to sexual and reproductive health services. Grave statistics about women and girls’ health and their inability to access the health services they need, also moved Canadians to action. Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death for girls aged 15-19. Learning shocking statistics like that compelled people to act and support projects that help change this reality.

Explore this six-part multimedia series by scrolling through the content below to learn more about how our #ChangetheBirthStory campaign, that highlighted one of our gender transformative* Gender transformative projects have an explicit rights-based intention to transform unequal gender power relations which are often at the heart of many disadvantages faced by women and girls; the focus goes beyond improving the condition of women and girls to improve their social position. Gender transformative projects address the root causes of gender inequality and promote the value of women and girls   health projects, got people all around Canada to support and take pride in work that improved access to lifesaving health services while moving the needle on gender equality.

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