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Improving access to adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights

Adolescence (ages 10-–19) can be an uneasy time for girls and boys because of sudden changes to the body, the starting of a period, new social norms and expectations, the possibility of child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) and early pregnancy. During this time, adolescent girls and boys need access to health care and education that addresses their specific needs and challenges. Through our Strengthening Health Outcomes for Women and Children (SHOW) project, we’re training health care workers to provide gender responsive and adolescent-friendly health services and empowering youth to be leaders of their own sexual health to help them make informed decisions about their future.

Explore this six-part multimedia series by scrolling through the content below to learn more about how this gender transformative* Gender transformative projects have an explicit rights-based intention to transform unequal gender power relations which are often at the heart of many disadvantages faced by women and girls; the focus goes beyond improving the condition of women and girls to improve their social position. Gender transformative projects address the root causes of gender inequality and promote the value of women and girls   health project is removing barriers for adolescents, especially girls that keep them from exercising their sexual and reproductive health rights and helping them champion their health in their community.

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