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Plan produces a number of global publications produced by our experts around the globe, and in conjunction with partner organizations. These reports examine our ongoing programmatic work in a number of areas, like gender equality, education, child protection and Plan’s humanitarian response efforts in global emergencies. Explore our publications and learn more about our work to support children and families in developing countries.

Boy washing face in water from pump built by Plan

Annual review

Every year, our work is made possible by millions of donors worldwide and our community partners in the developing world who believe in social justice for children. Read our recent worldwide financial statements that detail Plan’s fundraising and spending efforts across the globe.

Learn more Read past reviews

Lady smiles

Because I am a Girl

Take a deeper look at the research reports that support Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative and our mission to achieve gender equality around the globe. Examine Plan’s annual Because I am a Girlreport, The State of the World’s Girls, which highlights the development of girls around the world, focusing on various issues that impact the rights of women and girls.

Read the Girl Reports


A girl's right to learn without fear pdf
A Girl’s Right to Learn Without Fear: Working to End Gender-Based Violence at School

Plan believes that quality education must include learning relevant to the needs, rights and aspirations of girls - and this learning must be delivered in safe school environments, free from gender equality.

Read A Girl’s Right to Learn Without Fear

Smiling girl with crutches
Include us in Education!

This ground breaking report, produced in collaboration with London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, reveals that children with disabilities in developing countries are being held back from an education.

Read Include us!


Two child refugees
Our Work With Refugees and Internally Displaced People

Globally, 1 in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. Learn how Plan is working to support refugees and internally displaced people in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Read our Capacity Statement

Sendai framework cover
Child-friendly sendai framework for disaster risk reduction

This document supports processes of child-friendly accountability by making the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction accessible to children.

Read about the Sendai Framework

Ebola document cover
Ebola: Beyond the health emergency

This report documents the impacts of Ebola on children and families in Sierra Leone and Liberia, while looking beyond the immediate health effects at the long-term impact.

six month review of earthquakes document cover
Nepal Earthquake Response: Six month review

Learn how Plan International has supported children and families in Nepal through the provision of emergency shelter, food and water and immediate access to temporary learning spaces.

Read the six month review

Two years after typoon Haiyan document cover
Two Years After the Typhoon According to Survivors

For 2 years now, Plan International has worked with children and their families affected by Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, claiming the lives of 6,300, and displacing millions of people.

Read the two year review

Birth registration document cover
Birth Registration in Emergencies

This report focuses on the importance of birth registration in emergency situations as a way to protect vulnerable children from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Read Birth Registration in Emergencies

Child protection

Protection form violence document cover
Global Strategy for Child Protection Programming 2015-2020

Plan International’s first global strategy on child protection programming which represents every child’s right to protection from violence in development and emergency settings.

Read our child protection strategy

Birth registration document cover
Birth Registration and the Right of Everyone to Recognition

An overview of the global rates of birth registration and the impact a lack of registration has on the rights of children around the globe.

Read about global birth registration rates

Economic security

Youth employment document cover
Toward Solutions for Youth Employment: 2015 report

The report provides trends, identifies constraints, and provides potential solutions to the youth employment crisis.

Read the baseline report

Voices of Youth document cover
Voices of Youth

Stories from the Youth Microfinance Project are featured in this report, which aims to further our understanding of the effects of the project's interventions on youth, as told by the

Read Voices of Youth

Counting-change document cover
Counting Change: How youth manage their money

This report highlights the diversified and dynamic patterns of income, expenditure, savings, and credit from selected youths on a monthly basis over a year in order to trace their different sources, and forms of economic activity.

Read Counting Change

Empowering youth document cover
An integrated approach to empower youth in Niger, Senegal and Sierra Leone

This report features key findings and lessons from Plan’s Youth Microfinance Project.

Read about the key findings from the Youth Microfinance Project

Triple challenge document cover
Young, Woman and Unemployed: The Triple Challenge

This report highlights situations experienced by the most vulnerable young women in terms of accessing employment in developing countries

Read Young, Woman, and Unemployed

Economic Report document cover
Off the Balance Sheet: The impact of the Economic Crisis on Girls and Young Women

This report by Plan International and ODI examines the continuing and deepening impact of the economic crisis on girls and young women worldwide.

Read Off the Balance Sheet

Sexual and reproductive health

Getting the Evidence document cover
Getting the Evidence: Asia Child Marriage Initiative

In 2014 and 2015, Plan International undertook a researched the prevalence of child marriage in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The summary report presents the research findings and makes a series of recommendations necessary to reduce levels of child marriage throughout Asia.

Read Getting the Evidence

A Girl’s Right to Say NO to Marriage document cover
A Girl’s Right to Say NO to Marriage

Plan International's report sets out the actions needed to end child marriage. Read the summary online or download the summary and full report to learn more.

Read A Girl's Right to Say NO to Marriage