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Government of Canada’s plan to resettle Syrian refugees welcome news, but only part of multi-faceted approach that is required for this crisis

Ottawa, November 24, 2015 - The Humanitarian Coalition welcomes the Government of Canada’s Syrian refugee plan announced today, which focuses on the most vulnerable: families, women and members of the LGBT community, whether men or women.

This announcement should not overshadow the reality that there are more than 4 million Syrians and close to 60 million people displaced worldwide. Syrian refugees are victims of a situation beyond their control. They are seeking respite and a safe haven from a 4-year conflict that has devastated their country. We must help them without discrimination: women, children and men, regardless of religious beliefs, gender, marital status or age.

Thanks to this plan, 25,000 people fleeing from war-torn Syria will be resettled in Canada. This is a concrete affirmation of the Government’s ongoing commitment to helping refugees. We also welcome the Government of Canada match for donations made to registered Canadian charities providing humanitarian assistance to the Syria crisis.

Thanks to the support of Canadians everywhere, Humanitarian Coalition members are on the ground and providing assistance in Syria and neighbouring countries (including Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, the Balkans, Greece, Italy and Iraq). They are dispensing vital supplies such as shelter, water, food, shoes, clothing, blankets, and medicines to refugees. As well, our member agencies are creating safe spaces for children to recover, providing mental health care, counselling and psychosocial support, particularly to children and women, and creating improved access to formal and non-formal education in a safe learning environment for school-aged children.

As winter settles in, their needs will only continue to increase.

For that reason, we continue to encourage all institutional donors and individual Canadians to give what they can to help the people of Syria.

Resettlement is an important part of what is needed during this refugee crisis, but it is not the only solution. We need a multi-faceted approach that includes resettlement, more funding for host communities to support the millions of refugees they are dealing with and ultimately a political solution is needed: the war must end.

We encourage all Canadians to welcome these 25,000 people with open arms. They have travelled far and surmounted many challenges to come here. They are escaping a war-torn country, with the hope of rebuilding their lives in a new country and living without fear.

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