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Parents – activities and modules

These modules for parents and mentors explore the particular issues children face as they grow up in Canadian society, with special attention to the experience of girls. They include tips and resources to discuss and explore these issues with children to foster their positive development. 

Conflict resolution - Assertion vs. Aggression

Explore the topic of bullying with other parents in this interactive workshop. While children can express conflict in many ways, they can also learn how to be assertive peace makers. Learn about the theories that underlie bullying and what you can do as a parent you support your child.

Financial literacy - Make my money count

Financial literacy skills help ensures that young people can earn, save, borrow and loan money in smarter ways. Learn tips and tricks from other parents on how to support your children with basic money math skills and more advanced financial literacy skills.

Gender - How do I see the world

Our children can be change makers in our schools, our communities, and the world. In this workshop, you will explore how to support your child in becoming a change maker while taking gender and gender stereotypes into account. How do their projects and ideas impact girls and boys? How can their ideas and efforts help make the world a place where everyone is included?

Relationships - How to equate and relate

We are all affected by gender stereotypes, which are the roles, behaviours, activities and attributes that society expects of girls and boys, women and men. Learn about how gender stereotypes limit our experiences and choices in life and what you can do as a parent to help your child relate of the opposite gender in a fair and respectful way.

Self-esteem - Self-esteem and speaking out

Self-esteem speaks to how we feel about who we are and is influenced by many factors. While positive self-esteem is a challenge for many people, it is especially a challenge for young people. By understanding how they feel about themselves and why, we can help encourage and support them to build strong self-esteem, which helps them be leaders in our schools, communities and the world.

Technology - I am connected

The world is at our fingertips with advancements in technology and the Internet! While we can connect with people and ideas all over the world, there are also dangers associated with online communication such as harassment and cyber-bullying. Learn with other parents about ways to deal with these issues to support your children in creating a space that's safe for themselves and others.

Working it out - Work and career

Careers can be sources of great passion and fulfilment. Explore the challenges that young people face with other parents and find out what you can do as a parent/guardian to support your children in choosing professions that are right for them!

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