Thank you for helping Nepal recover and rebuild

“I never want to drop out of school,” says 13-year-old Manju, who dreams of becoming a journalist (pictured below with her parents). Through the support of donors like you, Manju is continuing her education at one of the 282 temporary learning centres constructed by Plan following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal last April.

Manju and her parents smile and embrace, six months after the earthquake in Nepal.

“I want my future to be better,” she adds. And now – thanks to your generous donation – for Manju, her parents and more than 255,000 individuals you helped support in Nepal, it is.

Six months have passed since the Nepal earthquakes, and in that time, your generous donation has done amazing things: from providing critical immediate relief to those who need it most, to funding ongoing, long-term support efforts, you’ve helped save lives and create brighter tomorrows for children and families in Nepal.

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