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Map of Nigeria Map of Nigeria

Nigeria flagCountry Profile

Capital: Abuja

Language: English

Population: 181.5 Million

Plan International began working in Nigeria in 2014, following the acquisition of the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), a U.S. based international non-governmental organization that’s been working in Nigeria since 1985.

CEDPA’s experience and reputation in Nigeria has provided a foundation for Plan International to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life for Nigerian children, families and communities.

Building on CEDPA’s work to strengthen and promote the rights of women and children, Plan International Nigeria’s priorities include:

  • Increasing the enrolment of school children – especially girls – in basic education
  • Improving the health of women and children
  • Strengthening child participation in the Nigerian children’s parliament
Plan Nigeria staff
Children taking part in opening ceremony

Plan international's core areas of activity include:

Economic security
Economic security
Child protection
Child protection

4 reasons why your support is so important in Nigeria

  • Half of the 160 million people living in Nigeria are under the age of 18.
  • Over 11.3 million children between the ages of 5-14 are engaged in child labour.
  • Child marriage is widespread in Nigeria, where 43% of girls are married before their 18th birthday.
  • The largest number of deaths due to HIV/AIDS per year occurs in Nigeria.

How your support is helping Nigeria:

In the coming years, Plan Nigeria will:

  • Work closely with children and families in communities
  • Work with local and national governments to help them fulfil their obligations towards child rights across the entire country.
  • Work with partners to strengthen the capacity of current programs, and to help implement new programs.
  • Increase access to community services and facilities to improve the health of women and children.
  • Work with organizations to tackle the underlying cause of poverty.
  • Ramp up advocacy work to increase the rights of children through country-wide campaigns.

Country Comparison

People living in poverty 46% 9%
Mortality of children under 5 117 deaths /1000 births 5 deaths /1000 births
Life expectancy 52 years 81 years

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Common phrases in Hausa, a common language spoken in Nigeria

Hello Sannu!
How are you? Yaya dai?
Thank you Na gode
Goodbye Ban kwana
Happy Birthday Barka da ranar haihuwa!

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