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Map of Mozambique Map of Mozambique

Mozambique flagCountry Profile

Capital: Maputo

Language: Portuguese

Population: 25 million

Plan International has worked in Mozambique since 2007, helping children living in poverty access their rights to health, education, protection and a sustainable livelihood. Currently, we are working with the communities of Marrumuana, Madonga and Xuxululo, Magaiça and Guipombo to build and equip 5 schools, which will benefit 2,500 pupils who previously attended lessons under trees without access to hygiene and sanitary facilities.

We are also strengthening community-based health and supporting the establishment and training of community health committees to become health improvement facilitators in their communities.

Young girls sitting at school desk.
Father holds baby and birth certificate.
Community members stand in front of new water well

Plan International's core areas of activity include:

Economic security
Economic security
Child protection
Child protection

3 reasons why your support is so important:

  • 51% of children drop out before completing primary school
  • 53% of people do not have clean drinking water and 81% do not have sanitation facilities
  • 1.6 million people in Mozambique live with the HIV virus, including 180,000 children

How your support is helping Mozambique:

  • Improving access to primary health care by supporting the construction of health centres and opening boreholes in villages to provide safe drinking water.
  • Working to improve access to quality primary education and early childhood education.
  • Promoting birth registration campaigns to help ensure children have access to essential services, like education and health care.
  • Supporting the construction of schools, including classrooms, offices, latrines and teachers housing.
  • Working to improve the social and economic capacity of households.

Country Comparison

People living in poverty 55% 9%
Mortality of children under 5 87 deaths /1000 births 5 deaths /1000 births
Life expectancy 50 years 81 years

(World Bank, CIA World Factbook, World Health Organization)

Common phrases in Portuguese

Hello Olá
How are you? Como é que tu estas?
Thank you Obrigado
Goodbye Adeus
Happy Birthday Feliz Anniversario

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