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Messages from the Chair and CEO

2015 Plan Canada annual review and financials 2015 Plan Canada annual review and financials
Karen Jackson

A message from our Chair Karen Jackson

Plan is helping children in more than 50 countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to change their world. Our programs supporting children, their families and communities exemplify everything good about Canadian international development work: effectiveness, transparency and a focus on the rights of girls and boys.

This year, Rosemary McCarney, Plan Canada’s CEO for the past 10 years, became Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva. She leaves behind a tremendous legacy of growth and diversification. Under her leadership, we:

  • Engaged the support of more than 213,000 donors across Canada and several leading institutional funders
  • Experienced double digit year-over-year revenue growth which has allowed us to provide more children, families and communities with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and begin the cycle of progress
  • Spearheaded Plan’s successful call for an International Day of the Girl as part of the dynamic Because I am a Girl initiative
  • Secured Canadian funding for major projects on maternal, newborn and child health that have saved the lives of thousands of women and children.

Plan’s Board of Directors takes accountability and transparency seriously. We updated our Board Charter in FY15. It is a roadmap for high standards of governance and works to protect the interests of all stakeholders by outlining how the Board engages with the organization and what’s expected of them. The Board will use this to continue to ensure the organization upholds its mission to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of children, families and communities in developing countries.

Karen Jackson signature

Karen Jackson

A message from our Interim CEO Marie Staunton

What draws me to work for Plan? What inspires donors to support Plan? For me, it’s because we can see that we’re part of a long-term change in which children improve their communities around the world.

This is most obvious during and after emergencies, when Plan helps devastated communities. The world witnessed many shocks in the past year: Ebola in three African nations, earthquakes in Nepal, mass migrations of war refugees, and mass kidnappings of girls in Nigeria and elsewhere. Over the last five years, Plan has built a huge amount of expertise in supporting girls and boys, and their communities, during human emergencies and natural disasters.

In emergency situations, we provide immediate relief (such as shelter, food and water), because our staff are already in those affected countries. They are among the first responders. After the dust settles, they and our partners support communities to rebuild infrastructure, rebuild people’s livelihoods, support children emotionally and advocate for children’s rights.

With help from our generous supporters, Plan attained many milestones this year:

  • Increasing our reach to 214.3 million people, including 100.4 million children
  • Raising more than $200 million in funds
  • Mobilizing a timely response to the Ebola outbreak and Nepal earthquake.

This annual report highlights the many ways we collaborate with children, their families and communities, and with donors, partners and other key stakeholders here and overseas. Whether it be helping a newborn to have a better start at life or providing the training and tools for youth to start their own businesses; by investing in girls and boys, we’re helping them to change the world for the better.

Marie Staunton signature