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Meet the Team

Misheal Rafique

Mishael Rafique, Brand and Youth Engagement Coordinator

Misheal is the Brand and Youth Engagement Coordinator at Plan International Canada. She is responsible for various administrative duties on the Youth and Brand team. She has a customer service and administrative career background, as well as extensive volunteer experience teaching and preparing lesson plans for elementary and high school youth. She is your go-to girl if you need any support with events and project material. Misheal’s passion and goal in life is to strive to make positive change in people’s lives any way she can. She loves camping, hiking, any water based activity, and of course Netflix.


Jess McAdam

Jess McAdam, Youth Projects Specialist

Jess is the Youth Projects Specialist at Plan Canada. She can help you with any questions you have about Top 20 Under 20™ and the Social Innovation Symposium, the Because I am a Girl Speakers Bureau, and the Youth e-newsletter. She is passionate about youth education and empowerment, and loves to meet new people who are excited about creating social change. She also loves running and yoga, and thinks she drinks too much coffee and a tendency to spill it on everything she owns.


Erica Fotheringham

Erica Fotheringham, Youth Engagement Specialist

Erica is the Youth Engagement Specialist at Plan International Canada. Reach out to her if you’d like to learn more about our Champions of Change Clubs, our self-esteem workshops in partnership with Dove, or if you’re interested in connecting with one of our dedicated Youth Advocates working to help change the birth story. Being a certified high school teacher herself, she believes in the power of youth to spark change! She is looking forward to engaging with you to hear more about how you want to pave the path towards gender transformation within your school and community! Erica is extremely proud to work for Plan International Canada because she believes in the importance of child-centered community development and grassroot sustainable change. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her frequenting local restaurants and cafés, walking through dog parks with a book in hand, or spending hours powering through a TV series.


Sarah Concannon

Sarah Concannon, Community Engagement Specialist

Coming from a strong sales and customer service background in the corporate world, Sarah is Plan’s Community Engagement Specialist and an avid idealist.  She is your go to for all things Spread the Net and when you want to fundraise those big bucks to make a big difference. She’s stoked to be on team Plan and making the world a better place one fundraiser, and bed net, at a time.


Sarah Muir

Sarah Muir, Manager of Community Engagement

Sarah is a Community Engagement Manager at Plan Canada. As part of her role, she oversees a variety of community and youth engagement campaigns, including Plan’s Spread the Net Student Challenge, Pink LemonAid and the Gifts of Hope Registry. Sarah works directly with supporters from across Canada in various capacities. Her favourite part of working at Plan is being able to meet the many people across Canada, passionate about Plan’s global movement to support social justice for children in developing countries. Outside of work Sarah enjoys spending time with friends and family, checking out new restaurants, playing inner-tube water polo (yes, it’s a real sport!) and travelling every chance she gets.


Letecia Rose

Kate Murphy, Youth Empowerment Manager

Kate Manages Plan’s Youth Empowerment projects, such as the Strong Girls, Strong World project, among other exciting youth outreach programs and initiatives. Read about them on our website! She’s passionate about supporting culturally safe approaches to advocating for, and building support of, positive developments of gender equality and awareness. Kate believes in the transformative powers of experiential learning and youth driven programming to empower individuals to create positive changes in their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.


Julia Myer

Julia Myer, Director of Public Engagement

Julia is a big believer in young people and their ability to drive positive social change. She loves creating working partnerships with school boards, community groups, municipalities and corporations to develop initiatives for children and youth to share their voice and develop their skills in leadership. Contact her if you’re interested in partnering with Plan Canada in a big way. Julia loves cycling, dancing, hiking and reading.


Michelle DeJardine

Michelle DeJardine, Manager, Public Engagement (Youth)

Michelle is the Manager of Public Engagement at Plan International Canada. If you are looking to start a Because I am a Girl Club, have questions about your existing Club, want to join the Youth Advisory Council, want to have a self-esteem workshop led at your school or community group, or if you are a community leader or educator looking for ways to get involved with Plan International Canada then Michelle is the person who can help! Michelle is passionate about each child’s right to an education and she herself has a background in international education. In her spare time Michelle loves rock climbing, kayaking, traveling and all things related to animals.