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Sit down with a family: Meet the Dan Van Thoungs

In communities that have been mired in poverty for generations, families struggle to get ahead with little to show for their efforts. But thanks to donors like you, that’s all changed in Hoang Su Phi.

For the Dan Van Thuong family, your investments have provided the chance they need to pull themselves out of poverty using their own skills and talents, and the result has been nothing short of transformational.

Once one of the poorest families in their village, today Tha, Thuong and their 9-year-old daughter Hue are shining examples of what’s possible when donors like you and families like theirs partner with us on community-led change.

“The most remarkable change for my family,” says Tha, smiling at her husband and daughter, “is that we are no longer on the poverty list. With training from Plan our crops are growing better than ever and we now have livestock, which are providing additional food and income. We now have enough to eat and we were finally able to build a proper house.”

“We have seen so many positive changes since Plan arrived,” says Thuong. “Not just for us, but for the whole community – and we’ve been a part of that by contributing to the work required to build new infrastructure, like bridges, schools and water systems. This makes us very proud.”

For Hue, who will be entering grade four in the fall, the difference is evident in her eyes, which sparkle when she talks about the future.

“With the new bridge, even the heavy rains can’t stop me from going to school,” she says. “I want to be a teacher when I grow up so I can help the kids in my village.”

Over the summer, Hue has been hard at work with her parents on the family farm.

“But I don’t mind,” she says, “because now we work hard and things improve.” Still, she adds, if she could change one thing in her community, she would hasten the much-anticipated creation of the children’s reading group, “so that we can continue to learn and play together over the summer vacation.”


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