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Too close for comfort: Living on the edge in Vietnam

Playing shouldn’t be a game of risk for kids, and going to school shouldn’t put children’s lives in danger. Yet, that was a daily reality for one community in Vietnam.

In the mountainous community of Hoang Su Phi, young children make their way to this kindergarten facility every day. The problem is, their outdoor play area rests on the edge of a cliff that’s way too close for comfort.

a steep divot in the ground very close to kindergarten building

Parents and teachers agreed: this wasn’t a safe space for children to play in. Something needed to change before the situation got worse.

So, community members joined forces with Plan staff to build a safer playground for the youngsters in Hoang Su Phi. Together, they contributed labour and resources, and began construction on the new playground.

community working on filling in dirt divot

It didn’t take long to get the entire community involved! Men and women joined forces in the name of safety and play.

“All of the villagers were excited to lend a hand to the project,” explains Mrs. Tan, a local mother of three. “My husband was in charge of carrying materials and smoothing the surface.”

workers leveling cement for the kindergarten

The new playground at the kindergarten will benefit 22 students, providing them with a risk-free place to play, and giving parent’s peace of mind when they send their children to school.

children play on newly paved playground

With a brand new spot to play, kids in Hoang Su Phi have lots to be happy about. They finally get to go outside and stay active every day. The power of play helps promote healthy child development, allowing these youngsters to expand their knowledge of the world around them.

children wave in front of their kindergarten

You can help a community just like Hoang Su Phi!