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Learning and sharing

Since our last update, we've been investing in lunch programs for children, water and sanitation systems for schools, and better infrastructure for communities.

Villagers join road construction for new kindergarten

With our fiscal year ending, we've also been taking stock of our progress over an eventful 12 months, thanks to the support of sponsors like you. With your help, we've worked with the people of Hoang So Phi to make many positive changes in their community this year, including:

  • Upgrades to roads and bridges in 5 villages
  • Agricultural training for hundreds of local farming families
  • Support for 140 of the poorest household with investments in
    • Livestock, seeds and farming equipment
    • Construction materials for barns and water tanks
    • Access to clean water
    • Lunch programs for 300 children
  • Upgrades to 8 kindergartens including lunch kitchens, supplies, playgrounds, electricity lines, water tanks and latrines.

We've achieved a lot, but nothing speaks to the success of our programs better than the voices of local people who are taking charge of their own development.

"Every quarter, we have regular meetings to exchange and share experiences," says one of the local villagers. "I've learned so much from others in my community, like how to prevent my cattle from getting sick, and all the things we can do together to improve life for everyone."

Through community participation and the creation of local groups and committees, the people of Hoang So Phi are building long term solutions to the root causes of poverty that have affected their families and community for generations. In the coming months, we'll be holding meetings with community members to decide on priorities and plans for the next phase of development in the year ahead.


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