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Indonesian children in aftermath of earthquake Indonesian children in aftermath of earthquake

On September 28, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the Sulawesi island in Indonesia. The severity of the quake triggered a deadly tsunami, which in places was reported to have resulted in a “wall of water” more than six metres high. More than 2,045 deaths have already been reported, and another 10,679 people are injured, but these figures are expected to rise. It is estimated that the lives of over a million have been affected.

Plan International Indonesia deployed an emergency response team to the affected areas in the immediate aftermath of the disaster to conduct a rapid needs assessment of the impact on children and families in the region. The focus was on girls and young women, to ensure that their distinct and unique needs are taken into account and met. The assessment found that shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene is a major concern for the survivors, along with child protection and education. In response to these needs, Plan International Indonesia has already distributed drinking water and tarpaulin in affected areas, and has begun recreational activities for children.

Your donation can help provide critical emergency supports, like:

  • Shelter and blankets
  • Clean water and establishment of sanitation facilities and bathing spaces (separated by sex)
  • Hygiene supplies, including vital items like soap and dignity kits for women and girls
  • Child protection, including aid to reunite separated children, psychosocial support and the creation of child-friendly spaces

Please donate now to ensure we can reach the most at-risk children with life-saving assistance.

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Thank you for your support. In the event that donations exceed what is required, funds will be used to support similar activities for other children in need.

Donations are eligible for a tax credit. Tax receipts are automatically issued in February for donations of $25 and above for the previous calendar year. If you require a tax receipt prior to February, please contact our Donor Care team by phone at: 1-800-387-1418 or email at:

CRA Charity Registration Number: 11892 8993 RR0001