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Improving child nutrition

Malnutrition is often one of the biggest barriers to overcoming poverty. It compromises the health and happiness of families, the growth and development of children, and the ability of students to learn and parents to work.

Yet nearly a third of children in Hoang Su Phi have been chronically malnourished. The reasons for this are complex, but with your help local families are finally able to address them.

A remote rural community, Hoang Su Phi is far from local markets. And while most here are farmers, poverty and isolation have meant that they haven't had access to the tools they need to improve or diversify crop yields to produce adequate fruits and vegetables. Moreover, few have had the money or husbandry skills for managing the livestock needed to increase their protein intake.

As a result, while most children get enough calories from staples like rice, many don't get the vitamins, minerals and protein of a more varied diet, which they need to grow up healthy and strong.

But thanks to you, families are tackling these challenges through a range of programs that have included:

  • Agricultural training and home garden initiatives for 188 villagers
  • Livestock training for 180 people and the distribution of 73 goats, 98 pigs, 7 buffalos and 30 cows
  • School kitchens and lunch programs
  • Nutritional training for over 400 community members.

"With vegetables available in the garden, I can cook nutritious food for my children," says a local mother Nung Gla Nghiep. "Together with other women in this class, I feel happy that I learned a lot of interesting tips to take care of my children."

For Mr. Di, a local father from one of the village's lowest income households, the programs have made a world of difference to his family's fortunes.

"We now have a few cattle and 20 lemon trees," he reports. "With a little help, smart investments and a lot of hard work, we no longer run out of food as before."

Thank you for your ongoing support of Hoang Su Phi. None of this progress would be possible without you.


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