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Improving agriculture to eradicate hunger

Farming has been a way of life for the people of Hoang So Phi for generations. And yet, because of their lack of access to resources and advanced agricultural practices, farming families here have struggled to optimize their crop yields. For many that has meant not just a lack of household income for essentials such as school costs and medical fees, but also months of scarcity when there isn’t enough to eat.

Despite the many advances that have been made over the past three years, there were still 400 households that were experiencing chronic hunger during the dry season.

With the generous investment you’ve made in Hoang So Phi over the last few months, we’ve been helping these families put a plan in place for improving self-sufficiency, which has so far included:

  • Training for hundreds of families in improved methods for livestock and crop management
  • Funding to assist households with the purchase of cattle, the construction of cattle sheds, as well as the installation of water tanks and pipes.

Lu Van Sam and his family are among those who have benefited from these efforts. By combining their small savings with additional funds from Plan, Sam and his family have purchased seeds, fertilizer, and a cow for breeding and ploughing. They have also undertaken extensive, hands-on training with Dzung, one of our local agricultural experts, to help ensure that their plan to improve their productivity, food security and income succeeds.

“Change is difficult at first,” says Dzung. “That’s why ongoing training is so important. Instead of sharing theory only, we check in regularly and work in the fields with families. We will even follow them until harvest time to ensure they are successful.”

Thanks to your sponsorship, these efforts are already helping hundreds of families like Sam’s work toward a better life.


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