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Young people lead the way

Ador is one of the community members working with Plan on our project in the Philippines. A 12-year-old student in the top ten of his class, he dreams of becoming a teacher one day, “to help educate children so they can have a brighter future and get out of poverty,” he explains.

Ador is leading the way to a healthier future with access to clean water.

Youth Peer Educator Ador leads a class discussion on handwashing.

At Plan we know that kids like Ador, with their passion and enthusiasm, are great catalysts for positive change in their community, which is why put them at the heart of our programs.

As one of 30 Youth Peer Educators selected through student governments in the schools where our water and sanitation programs are operating, Ador has been attending training in sanitation and hygiene. He’s also gaining great experience as a youth leader, and enjoys the opportunity to raise awareness of health and sanitation among other children in the community.

“Because of the training I have received, I have become more confident in facilitating meetings for children,” he says.

Given a chance, kids like Ador are great change makers – in their communities and in their own lives.

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