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Lifesaving care for Bolivia’s moms and babies

Here’s to all the health heroes out there!

It’s because of generous health project sponsors like you, that incredible improvements are happening in global health – starting with reaching the most vulnerable, like moms and babies, in the furthest corners of the world.

A woman holds up her smiling baby, and gazes lovingly at her.
Here’s what you made possible in isolated Bolivian communities, proving not all heroes wear capes!

Because of you:
  • More than 3,000 health professionals were trained
  • Health workers performed over 80,000 home visits for children under 5
  Less than 50% of children under the age of 5 with serious illnesses like pneumonia were receiving treatment in health facilities across the country. Now, with your help, more than 90% of children in project communities are getting the medical services they need. That’s an 80% improvement in quality care for sick children!  
  • Health workers performed over 18,000 home visits for pregnant women
  As a direct result of your support, more than 90% of births throughout these communities are now attended by a skilled physician, helping save even more lives.  
  • 440 clubs were formed, encouraging spousal support during pregnancy, delivery and post-partum and heightening male engagement in parenting
  • Over 75 different training materials were developed, 35 radio programs broadcasted and 180 fairs held for health awareness and prevention
Double panel of two Zika posters distributed in Bolivian communities.

Among other resources, these Zika posters were distributed throughout communities to help prevent and identify the virus.

When the Zika virus was linked to severe birth defects and debilitating neurological problems and broke out across South America, your support reached at-risk women before the virus could.

Thanks to you, local health workers were properly informed and quickly spread the word to help stop the spread of this disease. Educational messages and training materials were also produced and broadly shared so families would know how to safeguard themselves.  
Today, pregnant women and mothers have the know-how, access to care and support they need to protect their health, and the health of their children – but none of it would be possible without you.

Join Juliana as she recounts her latest journey through motherhood, and learn how you rerouted her – and thousands more – on a promising, new path.

My name is Juliana and I have 8 children. Where I live is very isolated. There are only 3 families, at a distance of 4 km away. Every Friday I go to the club for expectant couples at the hospital. There we use fabric to create outfits for our babies, and discuss the 10 key practices of maternal and child health.

A woman hands a ball of yarn to an expectant mother as other families smile and look on

A woman attends the community clinic to participate in the knitting group – while she whips up new threads for her newborn, she’ll also receive new health training.

We also get nutrition tips for using local produce, and learn about health, water, sanitation and food hygiene.

A woman stands and speaks to a group of people, referring to instructional slides.

Plan International-trained staff hold a community information session.

Here at these meetings, we are about 20 mothers benefitting from the support of the project.

About 20 expectant and new mothers stand with their children and health workers outside a clinic in Bolivia.

A group of pregnant women and new mothers stand outside the community clinic alongside local health workers.

I have attended since I was pregnant with my last son, and I learned about danger signs during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Plan International staff speak with a mother and her young child.
Before, I was ashamed to attend prenatal checkups. My deliveries were attended in my home by my mom.

But after the workshops, and after discussing the topics taught, it made me conscious of the issues and I lost the fear and shame of being assisted by doctors.

A smiling mother holds her baby on her lap while filling out medical forms.

A mother takes her baby for a medical checkup at the local health clinic.

It also showed me that my husband can participate in the pregnancy. He began speaking to and playing music for our unborn baby, and became eager to help with healthy development.

A father sits with his baby on his lap, smiling and playing.

Local fathers, like this one, are more eager to take active roles within their families, especially when it comes to protecting their health.

One doctor looks at a chart while another swaddles a newborn on a hospital bed.

A doctor delivers a healthy baby at a hospital in Bolivia.

Attending the workshops gave me more confidence, especially in the doctors and nurses.

I would go home and tell my mother and husband what I learned each session, so this time we were all in agreement that the hospital was the best place to deliver my baby.

For the first time, I felt safe going into labour because I was going to meet the doctors and nurses.

My birth was in the hospital where I was treated very well, and this was achieved thanks to the workshops, which heightened our awareness.

Double panel: A woman laughs while holding her baby girl, and a father sits outside with his family, laughing and holding his young daughter.

Thank you for helping families in Bolivia gain better healthcare than ever before!

I thank the sponsors of this project and the facilitators for thinking of the health of pregnant women and enabling us to know the risks involved. Since the training, and with the support of staff, we feel more prepared for the healthy growth of our children.

We have changed.

Safer births mean better starts – made possible by you.

An incredible transformation’s taken place high within these hills, and though it may be hidden from plain view, it’s change that’s sure to last a lifetime – and it all started with you.

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