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New hope for Ruvimbo

In rural Zimbabwe, food scarcity and poverty contribute to widespread malnutrition among children. Compounding this is the prevalence of HIV: families often struggle to afford two meals a day, let alone medical expenses. This results in chronic, unmanaged illness and parental deaths – further aggravating household food security, and making children more vulnerable.

Through your sponsorship, we helped implement nutritional recovery and health programs to improve the lives of children – like Ruvimbo.

After Ruvimbo lost her parents to AIDS when she was only six, Plan-trained village health workers took her to hospital where she, too, was diagnosed with HIV and began treatment.

Returning home to live with her grandparents in a low-income household, crowded among siblings and cousins, Ruvimbo struggled to receive the nourishment she needed – undermining the efficacy of her medication. Falling ill, she was forced to leave school.

A woman’s hand scoops grain from a bag.

Better food + better care = better health

That’s when village health workers returned for a follow-up visit and brought Ruvimbo back to the local health clinic – this time to get her screened and registered for nutritional support. Hers is one of 7,000 households to receive rations of over 95 tonnes of nutrient-rich food staples, along with monitoring and medical services.

Today Ruvimbo has enough to eat and the medication she needs. Thanks to you, she is back at school and back on track to a better life.

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