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Meet Ma Khin

Ten-year-old Ma Khin is fortunate enough to attend school. But it’s also her job to fetch water for her family, a task that takes several hours every day. As a result, Ma Khin rarely gets to do her homework and never has time to spend with friends.

Fortunately, with your support, there is a new water system under construction near her home – and there are better days ahead for her and all the children in her community.

“I would like to have enough fresh water for all the families here,” she says.

With the project under way, that hope will soon be a reality – and Ma Khin will have more time to keep up with her studies and enjoy her childhood.

Although the project is just beginning, Ma Khin says she has already noticed many changes.

“Some of our neighbours went to a Plan information session and then came to our house to discuss building a fly-proof latrine with my parents,” she explains.

And she is getting directly involved.

“I have become a member of the school WASH (Water and Sanitation/Hygiene) team and took part in the funfair for Global Handwashing Day, which was so fun. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” she says with a smile.

Like all of the community members, Ma Khin and her family are excited about the changes that are taking place. Her goal is now to become a teacher so that she can pass on to other children all the things she has been fortunate enough to learn.

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