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How a school fair helped Gladis save a life

In rural Bolivia, families suffer a variety of health issues because they lack available information and support for identifying and addressing risks.

You supported local training sessions and health fairs to help fill some of these gaps. This included workshops on nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, vaccinations, identifying health problems in children under 5, and the rights of children, girls and women – as well as how to protect them.

Two girls smile while speaking into a microphone.
Girls sit at their school health fair in Bolivia, in front of a Government of Canada sign.

The fair was led by trained youth – particularly girls, who shared their experiences.


My youngest brother is a year and a half and very small. Initially I didn't understand, but I went to the health centre and realized he had chronic malnutrition because his food was not good enough. I learned what nutrients are important and told my mom and, together, we gave better food to him. We took him to the doctor, who told us his weight would now improve.

I was not ashamed to present my topic at the fair, and hoped that many of my peers would now also take care of their little siblings. Now we do not have to be afraid because we have knowledge that will help us improve our lives and the lives of our families.
– Gladis, 15, health fair presenter and beneficiary

A girl points to a food poster as crowds gather around.
Gladis instructs her peers using a sign that says “nutrition” with a drawing of a baby.

Gladis, 15

Project undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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