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Helping hiv/aids affected families receive critical food

When a person living in poverty in Benin is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, they are often terribly impacted by the stigma and discrimination that comes with it, making access to basic human rights like health care and good nutrition extremely difficult. And, these difficulties often affect entire families. This situation is exacerbated with the added stresses and risks of a pandemic.

But our incredible Health Project sponsors have helped change this by already ensuring 2,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and their families have received critical food parcels. In each food parcel there is 12kg of corn, 6kg of rice, 5kg of beans and 2L of oil; essentials that can help support families in times of need.

Read on to see messages from the recipients on what this help truly means.

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Voices from Benin

Click on each of the three boxes for more information.

Click on each of the three boxes for more information.

Pascaline, 15, has lost her mother to AIDS. She shares the food package you helped her secure with other members of her family and says: "The food has given me the energy to work well. I thank you for all that you do for us.”

Bana, 13, also lost her parents to AIDS, and is now being cared for by her aunt and grandmother. She says: “The food helped me gain the vitamins to stay healthy and has fed my family. I feel happy."

Lavania, 15, lost her parents to this chronic illness, and is living with her sisters and big brother. She says: “I feel happy to know that there are people who think of me. Thank you for the support that you give without even knowing me.”


We’re deeply grateful to our generous supporters for doing what they can to protect our world and all the children within it. It is thanks to them that we can keep families safe, through it all – and we will continue to do so, no matter what comes.

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