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Healthy again

When Elina was 32 years old, she was so ill that she had no hope left.

“I nearly gave away all my belongings,” she says, thinking back to this time in her life. “I couldn’t work, I couldn’t take care of my home, I had lost all appetite.”

Her family tried to care for Elina, but she could barely eat the maize meal porridge they prepared for her every day. She languished at home, getting sicker and losing weight. By the time she got to a clinic, she was severely malnourished.

At the clinic, Elina learned that she was HIV-positive, a diagnosis that she found extremely difficult to accept at first. But clinic nurses provided counselling, enrolled her in a treatment plan and referred her to the Health and Nutrition program implemented by Plan.

That’s when life started to get better. Once enrolled in the program, Elina began receiving extra food rations consisting of vegetable oil, dried beans, cereal and a corn-soya blend, also known as Super Cereal. Elina calls it her “magic” super cereal, and she credits it with getting her strength back.

Today, Elina looks and feels healthy again. She is able to tend a small garden, where she grows nutritious vegetables to sustain herself and her family.

She now urges other people to visit the clinic and get tested so they too can benefit from the programs you’re making possible with your monthly sponsorship.

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