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Health workers deliver change

Despite all our advancements in health and medicine, millions of women and children still struggle to access basic health services. In fact, one woman dies every two minutes from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth – and people accept this loss as “normal”.

But not you – and not the health care workers you support as a Health project sponsor. Together, you Defy Normal and help more mothers and children, especially girls, access their right to quality health care.

Your sponsorship is helping train over 11,000 health workers just like Madame Badji, a midwife from Senegal.

Thanks to your help, she is changing the birth story in her community and caring for more mothers, children and babies. Watch how!

Your support helps us work directly with health facilities and providers like Mme Badji to tear down barriers preventing women and adolescents from accessing their sexual and reproductive health care and rights.

We train health providers to engage men in family health and planning to shift imbalanced gender roles, and empower women to make their own decisions about their bodies and futures.


“The most important thing that I have learned from the training is involving the fathers in their wives’ and children’s health care,” shares Badji. “I see a change now as more husbands attend their wives’ pre- and post-natal checkups and when they are in labour.”

A husband attends his wife’s checkup at a clinic in Bangladesh.

When men, like this one in Bangladesh, take active roles in family health and planning it improves the wellbeing of all.

Through Plan International’s trainings, health workers are learning to support and empower adolescent girls and boys to realize their right to sexual and reproductive health services.

“We conducted classes on sexual health with high school students and identified a space to meet teenagers at the clinic to give them privacy,” says Mme Badji, happy to provide service and guidance to local youth.

Badji discusses midwifery with a local youth in her clinic.

“We are seeing a reduction in the number of early marriages and pregnancies.”

Health care workers around the world are extremely grateful for the training they’ve received on maternal, newborn and child health. It is their hard work – and your support – that is changing the birth story in communities worldwide, one life at a time!

Click on the maps below to meet more physicians who Defy Normal:

Map of Bangladesh
Map of Ghana
Map of Haiti
A midwife performs ante-natal services to an expectant mother.

It was due to your support that Jesmin in Bangladesh discovered her passion for midwifery. She received training and accommodation in a health centre, and has now conducted deliveries and provided pre- and post-natal care to over 4,000 mothers.

“Conducting deliveries is a challenging and noble job,” shares Jesmin. “Thank you Plan International. I try my best to serve pregnant women in my community.”

A male nurse smiles holding pills in the pharmacy

“What would have happened to this mother and her baby if I hadn’t acquired techniques from the training?”

Seth, chief of a health facility in Ghana, often reflects on the patients he’s saved thanks to Plan International’s trainings and donors’ support. “I’m filled with joy sharing this success story. Thank you Plan International!”
Four health workers proudly show off their training booklets.

In Haiti, where health professionals are spread too thin to handle demand, you’ve facilitated the training of over 120 community health workers.

“We will be more useful to our communities. Now we know well how to help our brothers and sisters,” says Carmelle, Bouloute and Frisnel (from left to right), three proud health workers in-training.

Thank you for your truly life-changing support, which is now touching, saving and improving lives around the world.

If you’ve yet to have a chance, sign our pledge to promote even greater global health: with just your signature, you can ignite the movement and ensure more health workers have the supplies and skills they need to care for more girls, mothers and babies!

Sign the pledge to change the birth story

Project undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.