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Health innovations that help reach everyone

You’re enabling us to reach those who need help the most through mobile clinics, informative murals and extended water systems. Now, see how your support’s already saved lives.

Addressing HIV in El Salvador

In El Salvador, you’ve invested in 14 HIV Prevention Community Centres, helping reach tens of thousands of people with our innovative 3-step prevention program.

Vans marked as Plan International mobile units drive the streets of El Salvador.

Mobile units help reach more people.

Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Outreach

Workers identify, seek out and register individuals who are at risk of contracting HIV and encourage them to access services. The anonymity of the participant is ensured, helping avoid stigma, by assigning unique identification codes.
32,800 people assigned a code


Step 2: Education

Specially trained staff spend time with participants, providing guidance, information and support. Once the participant feels ready, they are referred to health clinics or the program’s mobile units for HIV testing, as well as complimentary service centres that can help address other needs.
19,400 people referred


Step 3: Testing

The program helps individuals navigate the process to get tested, and carries out HIV tests through 5 certified and well-equipped mobile units, staffed with trained lab technicians.
3,500 people tested


Thanks to you, thousands have now completed a full program cycle, accessing the services they need to protect and improve their lives.

New water system, new hope in Tanzania

It takes an adult about 45 minutes to cover 5 kilometres on reasonably flat ground in temperate weather. For a child on rough terrain in tropical heat, carrying water jugs, it takes a lot longer – especially in this remote Tanzanian community, where lineups to fetch clean water can take as long as half a day.

Families line up with buckets to collect water in Tanzania.

“It is so tiresome and far. The tap is unreliable and we may spend the whole day searching for water,” explains Charles, a local father.

The task had become such a drain that many were reverting to fetching unsafe water from open sources, making them prone to disease and the terrible ripple effects of illness, like loss of productivity, income, school days and savings.

With your help, more than 5,000 excited local people were engaged in piping expansion, bringing clean tap water and better health closer to home. And with additions, like latrines, underway, you’re already making change flow out even further!

A large windmill stands in the distance with long narrow dirt trenches extending from it.

New trenches for piping water further.

Workers perform construction on a tall new water reservoir tower, while laughing.

Building a new water reservoir has these workers all smiles.

Paintings for prevention

A painted wall mural displaying steps for TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

“What everyone should know about TB.”

In the past two decades, prevention and treatment efforts have dropped the global tuberculosis (TB) death rate by almost 50%! Your sponsorship is helping reduce TB in countries like Senegal with awareness campaigns that help save lives.

Thank you for your generosity!

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