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Fresh starts in Malawi, the Philippines and worldwide

Thanks to your support of the Health project, we’ve reached more than 900,000 people, across 11 developing countries.

Your generous sponsorship has*:

  • Trained over 11,000 health care workers
  • Provided awareness on sexual reproductive health to over 25,000 people
  • Treated and/or vaccinated over 19,000 children and youth
  • Reached more than 157,000 people with disease prevention activities
  • Distributed over 6,000 tonnes of food to more than 137,000 people
  • Helped more than 153,000 people access clean water
  • Provided nearly 930,000 people with access to latrines for proper sanitation.
A mother holds her newborn baby and smiles.

Few things in life are more important than our health, and the health of our loved ones. Thank you for protecting the health of thousands of children and families worldwide.

Many rural families in the Philippines don’t have access to clean water in their communities and rely on far-off water sources that are difficult to reach and unsafe for drinking.

As a result, water-borne illnesses, such as diarrhea and cholera, spread easily, with devastating – potentially deadly – effects on children.

But with your support, we’ve been working with communities to invest in creating and maintaining new water systems. Since the project began, the number of families with access to safe drinking water has more than doubled, from 535 to over 1,400.

With training and support, local volunteers have been at the helm of this initiative and instrumental to its success and sustainability.

“I am happy to do my part,” says volunteer Bernardo. “I know it requires perseverance and collective effort.”

The result for families is life-changing. With access to clean water, they are staving off illness and getting back hours of labour to spend more productively.

Reynante holds a demonstration for locals at the new water tap.

Reynante (in blue shirt) leads water testing at a new water tap.

Twenty-two-year-old father Reyante used to get up at 4:30 am every second day for a three-hour journey, by foot and boat, to collect water for his family. After dedicating countless hours to help with the project, he says he nearly cried as the first drop of water fell from the new taps – taps he helped create and will continue to help maintain.

“We thank the donors for this project as it is a dream come true.”

The lifesaving power of latrines

In 2016 it’s hard to believe that more than 2 billion people around the world lack access to basic sanitation, like toilets. In rural Malawi, that’s the reality for many, and why diseases like cholera and Ebola get such a foothold.

Thanks to you, over 290 masons were trained in the sanitation business, contributing to over 200,000 households now having access to latrines, and over 650,000 people living in cleaner, healthier communities.

A brand new latrine block in Malawi.

A new, accessible block of latrines, built with your support.

12-year-old Joseph got involved in a sanitation campaign at school and realized his family would benefit from a latrine. Having to go outdoors was especially difficult for his 71-year-old grandmother.

“It seemed like an indignity and I did not want my grandmother to fall ill, especially by avoidable diseases” Joseph told us.

With Plan’s support, Joseph spent time after school helping create a latrine for his family and sharing with them vital information he learned about sanitation.

With your help, his family – like thousands of others throughout the region – has become involved in transforming its health and community, one latrine at a time!

*Projects undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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