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Ending HIV and improving girls’ health in 6 Norm-defying ways

Together, we have made tremendous progress in our global mission to end HIV. But gains have yet to fully reach girls and young women, who are still twice as likely as boys to be HIV-positive.

Take 22-year-old Milika from Malawi: orphaned at 8-years-old, unable to afford school and a victim of gender-based violence and stigma – the unjust realities of life as an adolescent girl hindered her health at every turn.

That is, until a transformative turning point of her life: receiving access to critical health care services – made possible by your sponsorship. From that moment on, Milika would write a new chapter of healthy tomorrows, and you helped her turn the page.

Two girls smile under the sun at a girls’ rally

Thanks to you, we are implementing innovative HIV interventions in Malawi and around the world that defy the gender inequalities and stereotypes that leave girls like Milika behind.

Discover the six norm-defying ways you are helping give girls ownership over their choices, their bodies and their futures and giving them the upper hand in the fight against HIV.

Click the icons below:

  • Education icon School clubs
  • Peer groups Peer groups
  • economy icon Economic empowerment
  • sanitary pad icon Menstrual hygiene management
  • megaphone icon Community outreach
  • justice icon Institutional change

Collectively, these 6 programs defy the restrictions placed between health and rights, helping improve both while eliminating deadly health risks and saving lives.

On behalf of Milika and the thousands of lives you’ve touched, thank you for everything you contribute in our shared fight to end HIV, achieve equal rights and unleash the potential of all.

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