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Clean water in rural Pakistan

A boy washes his hands.

A young boy puts hand washing training to practise in Pakistan!

Clean water is essential to good health. But in many parts of the world it isn’t available, leaving families vulnerable to illnesses that reduce household incomes, contribute to poor school attendance and, most devastatingly, are a leading cause of death among children under five years old.

With the help of your sponsorship, more than 27,000 people got a new lease on life, thanks to our investments in improved water and sanitation systems for communities in two rural districts in Pakistan.

In total, 31 water points were rehabilitated at the village and school level, water pumps were secured in 19 schools, and 26 blocks of school latrines were constructed or restored to good working order.

The village of Taniyala is just one of the communities to benefit. Before this project, rain was their main source of water, the wells in distant villages ran dry in the summer and even the animals got sick from the pond water.

“Plan staff visited our community and helped us find better options,” says Muhammed, one of the community members involved in the work. “After water testing, we installed 5 km of water pipelines and constructed a water tank for storage near a pond that we then cleaned and prepared to capture the overflow for livestock.”

Now, thanks to your support, everyone in the community has access to clean water year round.

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