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Changing lives with clean water

Celebration in Paraguay

Plan is changing lives with clean water in Paraguay, the Philippines and Bolivia.

Fun with new water at school.

“We have a new modern washroom and we’ve learned to keep it clean!”

- Eva, age 9

In rural Paraguay, where the majority of people live in poverty and only half have access to clean water, new washrooms and water points are cause for celebration.

With your support, thousands of children in Eva’s community now have a better chance of staying healthy thanks to…

  • Twelve new gender-separated bathrooms at local primary schools
  • Construction or expansion of five water points
  • More under way!

Progress in Bolivia

Plan is changing lives with clean water in Paraguay, the Philippines and Bolivia.

Happy to have access to clean water.

With your help, we are well on the way to reaching our goal of constructing new water systems for 75 communities in Bolivia and improving water infrastructure and sanitation for many more. Your contributions are going even further with match funding from the Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

Accomplishments to date include:

  • The construction or rehabilitation of 33 water systems
  • The creation of 33 community-based Water and Sanitation Committees, and the training of more than 400 committee members to oversee maintenance and operations
  • The training of over 100 communities in community-led total sanitation methods, including latrine use, solid waste management and practices such as hand washing and water disinfection.

“The project has helped us a lot,” says Martha, the volunteer Vice President of one local Water and Sanitation Committee. “Now we all have water at home, children no longer run into danger to collect water from the slopes, and we’re learning how to prevent diseases and stay healthy.”

Success in the Philippines
Plan is changing lives with clean water in Paraguay, the Philippines and Bolivia.

New handwashing facilities at school.

This project in one of the central islands of the Philippines was started before Typhoon Haiyan hit in November 2013. But, while the storm affected properties, crops and farms on the island, fortunately it did no damage to the water systems that were being constructed with the support of Plan Canada.

Now, thanks to your sponsorship and a lot of hard work by these communities, this project has produced sustainable, community-led water and sanitation systems for six villages that include:

  • Newly-constructed piped-in water systems with a total of 72 communal tap stands, each with two faucets, serving thousands of people
  • Newly-convened Water User’s Associations in each village made up of 160 community members who’ve been trained to oversee the operations and management of their local water systems
  • New washrooms, with toilets and hand washing facilities, for nine local schools
  • Ongoing, school-based campaigns aimed at young people, including the distribution of over 4,000 hygiene kits across 20 schools and the creation of Youth Peer Educator groups.

Thanks to the project, the number of families in the region with access to safe drinking water has doubled, vastly improving the lives, health and futures of thousands of people. Learn about how we engage youth in our projects by meeting Ador, who has big dreams for the future.

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