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A father’s story

Adam* is a father of four young children. Three years ago he lost his wife Anna* to AIDS. Before Anna was diagnosed, Adam felt lucky. Both he and his wife had jobs in a country where jobs are scarce. But when Anna got sick, the family struggled to get by on Adam’s income. When Anna died nine months later, after refusing to accept her diagnosis and seek treatment, the family found themselves in crisis. Soon, Adam also fell sick and lost his job, leaving the family destitute.

Like his wife, Adam did not want to confront the stigma of his disease, but he knew he had no choice.

"I did not want to die the way my wife did. What would become of our little kids?”

So Adam began treatment and was connected with a Plan-funded support group where he got counseling, advice and nutritional support.

When his strength returned he enrolled in a Plan-sponsored vocational program at a local computer institute and was one of 40 graduates who received start-up capital for a small business. With a computer, printer, scanner and photocopier, Adam started a small shop that has since grown.

Once sick and unemployed, today Adam is running a successful desktop publishing business that employs three people. He is managing his health with treatment and community-based support.

And, most importantly, he is able to take care of his children.

*Names have been changed

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