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4+ ways sponsors boost global health

From safe drinking water to available medical supplies, there are so many important pillars for ensuring proper health.

Here are just a few of the ways you’re building a solid foundation of strengthened communities – beginning with healthy children and families – around the globe.

An infographic displays how Health project sponsors uplifted 3.4 million children, women and men worldwide: for example, providing food assistance to 170,000 people and constructing or renovating 65,000 latrines and hand washing stations.

1. Clean water

A child washes their hands with clean water at a faucet.

Thanks to you, fresh, clean water is now available in 72 rural communities across Bolivia – including at a local clinic. “Previously, patients only had salt water available,” explains Dr. Edison, who works at the health centre. “Now, thanks to this project, we have a purifier that filters in clean water, which is crucial for proper care.”

2. Nutrition

Today, your sponsorship has brought 6,400 tonnes of food to 120,000 women and children around the world – including Mrs. Zodwa’s grandchildren.


Mrs. Zodwa’s grandchildren get healthy in Zimbabwe

“These children will never forget how they overcame hunger,” shares Mrs. Zodwa, a widowed grandmother who cares for a household of 16 in Zimbabwe.

Before your support, she worked small labour jobs, but it still wasn’t enough to feed her family; often her grandchildren had to attend school on empty stomachs.

Today, they have three nutritious meals a day, thanks to local programs you make possible.

A woman poses with her 4 young children and smiles.

Mrs. Zodwa’s also now able to invest income in other essentials, like the seeds she’s sowing for a new maize harvest.

“I am so happy and thankful for all the assistance we’ve received,” she says, smiling with relief.

A young boy stands holding an orange and smiling.

Additionally, you helped save the lives of over 9,000 malnourished children in Malawi, through food programs!

Health project sponsors like you helped stock local health facilities with nutrient-rich foods and reached 2 million caregivers – some living as far as 30 km from the nearest clinic – with vital messaging on topics like nutritious cooking and the importance of breastfeeding.

“Before the program, I struggled to feed my family without much to eat. Most days we relied on skipping meals and on the worst days not even eating at all. Thank you for your support.” – Emma, mother of 5 in Zimbabwe who received food and agricultural assistance, thanks to you

3. Disease prevention

A Plan worker stands with a mobile HIV van in El Salvador.

One of the mobile units in El Salvador.

HIV hope on the move in El Salvador


With your help, 2.7 million people participated in malaria, HIV and other disease prevention activities around the globe.


Innovative mobile units, that you help fund, are making sure at-risk groups across El Salvador can safely and discreetly receive HIV testing, counseling and care.

“Out of fear no one goes to hospitals, but I feel very good because you take the time to come and visit us. The advice you have given has helped me protect myself and feel more confident.” – 20-year-old trans woman, who’s grateful for your support

“Mobile units connect people. Our teams are fully committed, and that makes us different. We want to help people access services and information to make behavioural changes that will help renew their lives.” – Marciela, one of our hardworking Prevention Specialists


Swatting out malaria in Liberia

Two parents and their young daughter sit under a bed net in Africa, smiling and giving thumbs up.

You also helped get over 2.5 million bed nets into homes across Liberia, keeping malaria-transmitting mosquitoes out, and protecting more children and families.


4. Safer births

A mother hugs and holds up her laughing baby in Bangladesh.

Your contributions have already enabled more than 4,000 pregnant women to receive care during pregnancy, helping ensure a healthier start for their babies.

Now, we’re stretching your support across three continents, bringing moms and babies in some of the most remote communities on earth what they need to grow and thrive.

Stronger, healthier communities worldwide

A smiling boy stands in front of a table of medication and health resources. Text reads: “Thank you for being a dedicated health project sponsor, and improving children’s lives around the world.”

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