Your impact in 2019

What makes Gifts of Hope so powerful?

They can’t be wrapped, but they are full of life-changing potential. And when a Canadian like you decides to Defy Normal holiday giving, somewhere a child in need can unwrap their true power.

No matter the package – whether goats, school essentials or clean water – Gifts of Hope can create incredible possibilities. Thank you for spreading hope, unlocking potential and unleashing real and significant life-change through the power of your generosity.

See how your Gifts of Hope have helped children and families around the world:
Preschool children smile and wave Canadian flags in class.
A girl and boy drink water purified by their new school kit.

Canadians helped distribute over 2,100 water purification kits across Kenya!

Thanks to these freshly-designed kits, treks to contaminated rivers and water-borne illnesses are moving aside for school, good health and a fine-filtered future.

“We save time and money no longer using firewood to boil dirty water and can purchase food and learning materials,” 13-year-old Florence beams, happy to have more time and resources available for school.

“I am confident that my family’s health and my own will be great since we are drinking safe water,” declares happy and healthy 18-year-old Ojwang.

Cheers to clean water and the Canadians who gave these solar-powered sources of hope!

A woman shows off her new chicks.

From 3 hens and a rooster to 30

Yessi’s potential is soaring thanks to this gift, uplifting her family beyond poverty and hunger.

“I have sold many chickens and eggs so far and continue to increase my numbers!” Countless mothers like Yessi are cracking opportunities wide-open in Honduras where eggs from this locally-sourced gift are boosting families’ finances and nutrition.

“I thank the donors for all the support they have provided me and many other women,” says Yessi, grateful for Canadians’ gifts, which also include training and supplies that are helping her poultry pursuits take wing.

A girl smiles, raising her hand in class

Thank you for lifting school enrollment, along with every girls’ potential!

“Before I was shy and could not come to school,” says one girl in Cambodia who at last can attend class thanks to Canadians’ send a girl to school gifts.

Her classroom is full of school supplies and her teacher is trained on children’s rights so she can learn to her fullest.

“Now I can catch up on lessons and it’s made me very brave. I am very happy to have Gifts of Hope here!”

Today, she and every new student is excelling, thrilled to harness their equal opportunity to learn and thrive.

A woman and her baby smile.

Program undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

Over 200,000 moms and babies now have improved access to quality health care!

In Nigeria, the medicine for moms and babies Gift of Hope is helping equip health facilities and care workers with supplies, medication and training so women like Rashida can safely welcome their babies to the world.

“Now we go for pre- or post-natal consultation, delivery and immunization because support is readily available for us,” Rashida applauds, thankful for the new health resources to protect her and her child.

Thank you to all Canadians helping provide care for life’s most precious moments, everywhere.

Thank you for your generous giving through Gifts of Hope to help unleash the power within every child, every family and entire communities, so all can thrive.


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