Thuo gets a chance at school

Growing up in Cambodia, Thuo struggled to continue her education. Unable to afford school costs, forced to miss classes to help her widowed mother, and quickly falling behind in her studies, she feared she’d have to drop out in Grade 5.

Then someone like you chose to give the send a girl to school Gift of Hope, and Thuo’s life changed.

“I was so happy to be selected,” she beams.

Thuo smiles from her desk in class.

“If I hadn’t received this Gift of Hope, I wouldn’t have been able to attend school. I’m very grateful for the donor’s kindness in helping me.” – Thuo, 14.

Enrolled in classes tailored to her learning needs, and equipped with new supplies, Thuo couldn’t be stopped. Not only did she complete primary school, she has successfully transitioned to secondary education!

“I never dreamed I could continue my studies,” Thuo confides. “Now I want to dream, and I dream that I’ll finish. Thank you to the donors in Canada. I wish them happiness forever.”

An infographic displaying the personal and societal benefits of a girl being educated.

Thuo is one of 60,000 girls benefitting from Canadians’ send a girl to school Gifts of Hope. Thank you for helping create a brighter future for girls like her around the world.