Offering a clear solution in Tanzania

In Tanzania, less than 25% of the population has access to proper sanitation. Almost 2/3 of all health clinics lack a regular water supply. Many schools don’t have functioning hand washing facilities, and there is often only one latrine per 200 students – or worse, no latrines at all.

A child’s hand cranks open an outdoor water tap and fresh, clean water flows out.
An elated young girl raises her arms and cheers amongst a crowd of happy children.

Today fresh chances are flowing out to thousands in need, thanks to Canadians who chose to give a gift of water and sanitation for communities. Through this gift:

An infographic displaying highlights of the project’s success, including: 38,600 people have access to improved latrines; 5+ events held to teach proper hygiene practices; Close to 250,000 people can now practice hand washing with soap and water; 180+ school health clubs active; 3,900+ people received training in sanitation and hygiene; 880 hygiene goods (like soap!) distributed

Thank you...

Today, your Gift of Hope is transforming the lives of children and families from some of the poorest countries in the world – empowering them with the best gift of all: a promising tomorrow.

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